Bed bug preparation service

We provide superior bed bug preparation services in Vancouver, Lower Mainland & across Vancouver Island.Young woman vacuuming her living room.

We are the best choice for bed bug prep work, as we are also a bed bug heat treatment company and know what needs to be done for a successful one time bed bug elimination. We realize that these preparations can be difficult, especially when victims are already dealing with the trauma of having their home invaded by bed bugs or in hoarding situations. This is similar to a move with unpacking/packing up boxes and bags and sorting through volumes of personal items, bags of clothing to put through the dryer etc. can prove overwhelming especially for busy families, professionals that travel, senior citizens or someone who is ill. Our bed bug prep greatly increases the success of the treatment especially in excess items or hoarding.

B.C. Bed Bug Expert can perform preparation services for clients prior to our heat treatments. A team of two to four cleaners will be sent, depending on the size of your home, the amount of your belongings, and your time frame. Our cleaning team will arrive at your home as discretely as possible – we do not wear any uniforms or advertise our presence in any way. We will supply all materials/equipment needed for the job.

Here is what a B.C. Bed Bug Expert team can do for you:
 Treat all clothing in drawers & linen closet in a hot dryer.
 Fold and store clothing in carefully labeled and sealed plastic bags.
 Clothing that is hanging can stay as long as it’s not too tightly packed together.
Beds and Bedding
♦ Strip all bedding from the beds and treat in a hot dryer.
♦ Treat all sheets, blankets, covers in a hot dryer.
♦ Fold and store everything in sealed plastic bags.
♦ Dismantle bed frames, if required.
♦ Empty night stands remove un-heatable items.
♦ If required we can provide mattress, box spring and pillow encasements.
Rugs and Curtains
♦ Vacuum carpeting and baseboards.
♦ Clean curtains or take them down for dry cleaning.
Furniture and Possessions
♦ Vacuum upholstered furniture.
♦ Move furniture away from walls so that baseboards can be cleaned.
 If this is a severe infestation we will remove switch plates and outlet covers & baseboards.
♦ All items subject to heat damage through melting, expansion or explosion will be removed from the home.
♦ Clean out closets, drawers and cabinets, remove un-heatables.
♦ Work with you to decide what can be discarded. Remember, a clutter-free environment will help prevent the return of bed bugs to your home.
♦ If boxes or drawers are too packed we place these items in open weave laundry baskets, items need to be packed very loosely to allow for air circulation during heat treatment.
Hoarding/Excess Items in the home
If this is a situation with hoarding and bed bugs, this requires a very specialized service normal cleaning/prep company’s just can’t do. We do everything required to make sure the following heat treatment will be 100% successful. The use of traditional pesticides could never accomplish a complete eradication of bed bugs that heat can, or the multiple benefits achieved by elevated temperatures, including the reduction or elimination of harmful bacteria, dust mites and eliminating the egg stage of the bed bug. Prep service may include:
Removal of old furniture, rubbish.
Content sorting and organizing, if needed we will heat treat excess items in our thermal truck and store offsite until the home heat treatment is completed.
 Treat all clothing in drawers & linen closet in a hot dryer.
Bag, label and seal clothing, store offsite until heat treatment is finished.
♦ Treat all sheets, blankets, covers in a hot dryer.
Remove switch plates and outlet covers & baseboards.
♦ All items subject to heat damage through melting, expansion or explosion will be removed from the home until the heat treatment is completed.
*Post treatment cleaning service and restore the home by putting everything back where it was after the treatments is completed, is also available.
Then Thermal Remediation Treatment
Our techs will then heat treat the entire home along with all the contents. Thermal Remediation®  is a green, environmentally friendly treatment, as no pesticides are applied. One treatment is all it takes to kill all phases of bed bugs, egg to nymph to adult. No personal affects should be brought with you on the day of treatment. This includes clothing. A fresh outfit should be prepared (including shoes) by running items through a dryer for 30 minutes and place in sealed plastic bag. The heat treated areas may be re-occupied within an hour after treatment with no health risks at all. Heat treatment is the perfect application for heavy infestations, sensitive areas, and anyone wishing to keep pesticides out of their home or facility.
The Thermal Remediation® process is extraordinarily effective.
Online Quote
We can give you an approximate quote for prep for bed bug treatment if you can e-mail us pictures and size of each room and overall sq. ft. of property. E-mail to
We can do a thorough cleaning & then restore your home and put everything back where it was after the treatments is completed.

* These prep and post treatment services are separately scheduled, performed, and billed in addition to heat treatment costs.