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Jiffy Heat Inc. now offers a public Heat Treatment facility in Nanaimo B.C.

 You can now bring your items to our public Heat Treatment facility. A Heat chamber is used for bed bug decontamination of items without the use of toxic gases or pesticides. Industrial heaters & fans are placed in the chamber & run until the minimum required temperature is achieved.There is no need to throw out sofas, beds & furniture. Have your belongings treated at our facility.

Thermal Remediation® is the safest, most effective way to kill bed bugs.

Heat is a superior eco-friendly solution to get rid of bed bugs. This non-chemical, non-toxic approach penetrates mattresses, clothing, bedding, couches, furniture and any other belonings infested by bugs. The biggest advantage of heat is that it finds the bed bugs and their eggs wherever they are hiding. It penetrates layers of fabric, upholstered furniture, household goods and even mattresses and bedding, it permeates every square inch of an infested room to ensure that it is clean and clear of bed bugs. The heat finds them and “cooks” them all at once.

We have rooms for smaller items or single items such as luggage, a chair electronics etc. and a larger chamber for multiple items or all your furniture if your moving because of bed bugs.


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