Bed Bug Elimination Equipment Photos


This is a typical equipment package we bring to the job.

These are the very safe electric bed bug heaters we use.

Bed Bug Elimination Equipment Photos

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systemwith proprietary temperature recording software, wireless signal devices for transmission up to 1,000 ft. and a dozen wireless temperature sensors. The system’s data can be used to identify hot and cold spots in the treated area and regulate and control hot air distribution.

The Wall Edge Duct pictured below is designed to direct heat on high bed bug infestation zones through the holes in the duct aimed at wall edges, baseboards, and carpet tacks, etc. We also have a 20 ft. duct that is specifically designed for treating hallways and stairwells.


High Temperature Multifans These custom designed, high temperature fans are necessary to evenly distribute heated air throughout the space and target high infestation zones. 

AirWalls – can be used to isolate an area that will not be heated or partition off areas that will be heated in a progression. The 6’ x 10’ AirWall works great in stairwells and hallways, while the 12’ x 10’ AirWall can isolate untreated areas like a kitchen, living room, family room, etc.

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