Bedbug Identification – Upload pictures

Instructions for taking & uploading your pics for bedbug identification:

Bed bug id Take a photo on the highest resolution you can.

Bedbug identification  Use the macro setting (flower icon).

Bedbugs  Take a pic using your phone camera, through a magnifying glass.

Bedbug identification  Place an object like a coin in the photo so size can be compared.

Bedbug identification  Put in a description such as: ID bed bug, bedbug 1, please ID etc.

Bedbug ids  Click on choose file to upload your photo.

Bedbug id  Click on submit & your photo is sent to us for identification.


Below is a good example of a bed bug pic.

Bed bug identification

Photo by: StarMaster
Taken with a Canon PowerShot A570 IS.

BedBug Identification – you can also click here to contact or e-mail us a photo.

Here are tips on identifying them yourself:

 it’s time to grab a magnifying glass and ask yourself these questions if you think you just discovered one:

  1. Is the bug yellowish-white or reddish-brown in color?
  2. Is the bug wingless?
  3. Is the bug flat with obvious folds on its body?
  4. Do you see any dark spots in the middle or bottom of the bug that might be blood?
  5. Does the bug have six legs and a short, thick antenna?
  6. Does the bug have small, dark, and protruding eyes?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might indeed have bedbugs. After identifying the insect you found as a bedbug, you might want to inspect your bedroom or office for black spots, a bedbug’s waste on your bedding, mattress, and box spring. It’s also important to look under any chairs or cabinets or nightstands.